Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 34 Days to Go!

Getting Greystone Ready
Nic & Michelle were home today as were Seth & Rebecca. As you can imagine, this was great for Mom and especially Pa who had extra hands and muscle. They are worry more about the look of the Realm of Greystone than the reception itself and Pa has quite the list of projects he wants done to have the place "ready". Jon's been doing his best to tackle things but having the boys home today was definitely a boost. I told you last week they worked on the Knob End Bridge. Well on Thursday Uncle Fron helped Jon a little more with that as they got the rest of the gravel brought over so they could even out the road/passage across. Yesterday Jon went down the road with the big tree trimmer and cut down low hanging limbs and close trees down The Lane. Pa's been working on stoning the cistern top. Today Deutsch and Nic worked on more of the stone work on the path in front of the house while Pa and Jon pressure washed the house. It FINALLY started raining today and it seems like it's going to continue into the night. We needed this soaking...everything was getting so dry that leaves are beginning to fall. We can't have the colors change and leaves disappear too soon. Fall needs to hold on until October so I can have a beautiful weekend, semi-warm, still colorful, DRY day!

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