Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 32 Days to Go!

Shoes...check! Jewelry...check! Favors...check!
I love getting these check marks on the list! The shoes I picked out form Endless.com that Holly insisted she get for me as a birthday present came in today. Very comfortable. Very purple. Very cute!

Rachel texted me a picture of the earrings she meant to bring to me on Saturday when we did make-up. They are dangly, yet simple with just a single pearl on the end. She says there is a matching necklace and after seeing the picture of the earrings I think they are just perfect! So that takes care of my something borrowed!

Mom got the art back for the can koozies we are going to have as favors and also since we are doing canned beer. Now the plan is to have a number of sharpies at the reception so people can sign their names on the koozies and this will help them keep up with their beer! (And maybe less waste!) I know the blue doesn't go with the purple and green theme, but...
(a) It's more authentic to The Blue Bank Farm look and
(b) Jon really wanted blue and since he's only opinionated every now and again on anything to do with the wedding I figure it's fair to give him some say on the things he actually cares about.

Gotta mail all of these thank you's I've had done for over a week!!

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