Friday, September 16, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 22 Days to Go!

Dang, that really hit me today! I realized I have this weekend, next weekend (which is Apple Festival and Mom & Pa will be in Ohio with the "RF" friends from high school), then it's my bachelorette and BAM wedding time!!

Short and sweet tonight... Mike & Jenny drove down today so they could bring a truck load of stuff for Jon and I. A lot of it was from Grandma Feagley's house that was sold. (Nothing wedding related, but LOTS of great canning and gardening tools!) They also brought down the soda and paper products for the rehearsal dinner. One less thing to worry about the week of.

But they ALSO brought something very important for the wedding: the rings! I wish Jon had been here to see them in completion with me the first time, but of course I couldn't help myself and I had to take a peek. Glad we have those safe and sound!
Mom is off on Fridays now so she was running around getting things done and since last Sunday Pa got our drive grated, today they had 3 massive truckloads of white rock brought out for Blue Bank Lane. I drove down for dinner tonight and it looks so nice. They actually extended the gravel back towards the new bridge into Knob End. It's official! We have a road back to our future home. It makes it that much more real!

After eating mom's homemade pizza at the house she and I got on the computer and started looking at some wedding night wear for me. There were, of course, options on Victoria's Secret, but we found a few other sites with some fun (and cheaper) options.Really she could surprise me with whatever and I'd be happy--it's all new to me!

At home I started working on more music. This time for the party part of the reception. How to to choose! There will be some musts that aren't on most people's play lists (Electric Six and One For the Road). I have to remind myself that not everyone gets excited about 80s jams like I do and I was finding a decent collection of 90s hits I was adding to my potential list. I guess it's pretty clear what era I grew up in. I also want to mix in a little bit of what I have come to call "Jo Jams" in honor of the one and only Holly Jo. She's made many party mix cds over the years and that's where I tend to get my collection of Top 40 and club hits from. I want to hear some bagpipes from the likes of Flogging Molly or Dropkick a bit of some club techno and country can't hurt. Honestly, anything that will make people excited and get them moving. I also found a very helpful list from this site that is a great guide to the Top 200 wedding songs and then suggestions for different events in the evening.

As said in my previous is a time suck...I was up quite late....

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Aileen said...

Don't forget some Miley! ;)