Monday, September 12, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 26 Days to Go!

New Checklists
Now we're getting to many things that have to be done but couldn't be done until now. (Okay, so maybe some of them could be done already...but that's beside the point.)
  • Check out Doo-Wop shop and rent the equipment we need
  • Call one of the hotels and reserve 2 rooms for the girls the night before the wedding.
  • Start hitting up people whom we haven't gotten RSVPs back from
  • Get the marriage license
  • Hold a final meeting with Father Pat
  • Decide for sure on the music and every job/role for the mass so we can print the programs
  • Give Ben our must-play music selections
  • Check in with the Limo/Hummer company and make sure everything is still set.
  • Talk with people I'm hoping can do random day-of jobs to make sure they'll be free prior to wedding time.
  • Shop for the final items we still need, which is a random, random, random list.
  • Start on a honeymoon packing list
  • Buy thank you gifts for people who've helped
  • Turn in a head count to Karen for food purpose
I don't have my notebook handy but I know there is plenty more. We're scratching stuff off but new things keep finding their way onto the list! With where we are on RSVPs right now the church is just getting stuffed pretty cozy! We still have about 80 people to hear back from though!!!! Could get interesting...

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