Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Wedding on A Budget: 24 Days to Go!

I like music. In fact, I really love music. I listen to it non-stop. I know nothing about making music and nothing about music equipment. Thank goodness for people who do.
My friend Ben ("Big Ben" from my Man Clan at Bellarmine) will be heading up our reception music with his mad-music-DJ skills. If he's talented and cool enough to DJ his own wedding, you can bet I'd trust my wedding in his hands. Not only can I trust him to know the equipment and guide me in what I need, but I trust his music tastes, I trust him to play anything I want and I trust him to be a good emcee. Let's just say Ben's a pretty stellar dude and most definitely trustworthy.
So he'd recommended renting the equipment I need from Doo Wop Shop when I first talked with him back in May or June. He'd told me then that they don't do reservations but did week or month-long rentals, so I really couldn't take any more action until now. Ben sent me specific instructions on what I'd need: a subwoofer, 2 speakers and stands. Once to the Bardstown Road location a guy named Mark helped me and by all means he did HELP me. Very helpful. He added the cables I would need, plus the mic and a DJ mixer. He also helped me pick out fun lights. He gave me the quotes on renting all I'd need for both a week and a month. I could have taken what I needed today but he told me he really didn't think I'd have to worry about getting it later. The other convenience I have is that there are 2 Louisville locations, plus Frankfort and Lexington locations. All 4 would be easy enough for me to rent from and all 4 have the equipment I'm looking at using.
I have to say, I'm really impressed with how cheap it is to rent this equipment. Even for the month long rental of everything, it's under $200. (For the week it's less than $100.) I left without anything today with the thought maybe I could save money and do the week rental, but I'm pretty sure I'll move forward with it next week. It'll give us a chance to determine how we'll do the hook up, one less thing to worry about the week of and I won't have to worry trying to get it returned just before or during the honeymoon.

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