Friday, September 9, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 29 Days to Go!

More than just the Bride?
As much as I am excited to be the bride at my own wedding, I wouldn't mind to be the photographer and videographer as well! Gui posted the video of his and Carla's wedding on Facebook and it brought me to tears. (Partially because it was so well put together and partially because I so wish I could have been there for it!) Meanwhile, Sara sent us the link to her wedding photos as well. There are SO many and they are all so wonderful. I would love to have one of those jobs. To capture somebody's special day or special moment for them and then piece it together as a time capsule to be kept for a lifetime.

Melhores Momentos Carla e Guilherme from Nando Menezes on Vimeo.

I realize I cannot play 3 roles on my wedding day and it's best if I just keep to the job I was meant for on this occasion: The Bride. What I do love, though, is I will have free access to all of the pictures and all of the video from that day. It will be at my disposal to play with and pretend I was videographer and photographer after the fact. I've been watching some other videos online (Gui's inspired me!) and I am thinking that I'll not only ask Uncle Jerome to borrow his flip cam, but perhaps someone else as well. This way the girls can have one; the guys can have one and then I can give a third to someone like Alyx to run around with during the day to get other random set up activity. I'm also thinking that I"ll want someone with the camera up to the point of the ceremony beginning. I may ask Joshie to help with some of that as an usher. Darnit, why did Jon have to ask Seth to be a groomsmen??

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