Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 20 Days to Go!

Mass Music
Jon came home today me today! He still loves me after a wild weekend with the boys!

I stole one of the books from church today so I could find some suitable songs for the ceremony. We mainly need stuff for two parts: the presentation/preparation of the gifts and communion. The other parts will be instrumental (organ) only.

A few I book marked and need to run by Jon are:
- I Am the Bread of Life
- Taste and See
- We Are Called
- Whatsoever You Do
- You Are Mine
- One Bread, One Body

I really, really like "We Are Called," but I'm not sure that will fit anywhere. It seems to be more of a closing, "go forth" song. "You Are Mine" is one of my favorites. I can't decide when to play it but that one is my #1 vote. "One Bread, One Body" and "I Am the Bread of Life" are also two I have always liked. I'll also run them by Anne-Tyler to see if she could lead any of them. I'm not sure if I'll have her sing or lead. I feel like if we want people to join in we need to have lyrics printed out for people so we'll see.

Wrote some more thank yous. Clay went over our electric needs for running power from the garage to the field. He's been beyond helpful. He's going to call Doo Wop tomorrow to figure out if we have to get any special. Last thing I want is power to blow and we lose music and lights!!

So glad my man made it home safely :)

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