Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 39 Days to Go!

Taking care of the girls!
I'll be honest... I relaxed a lot tonight. So many of the big things are being scratched off! I did order the jewelry that Rachel and I picked out over the weekend. It's from a site I found a month or so ago called 2-B-Unique that has very, very cheap jewelry and sets. There were lots of good testimonials about it and it sounds like it's been used for lots of bridal jewelry. Worst case scenario i get it and return it, right? I'll give you the final opinion when it actually comes in.

The little black dress Michelle is going to wear came in so she tried it on tonight and measured her waistline to give the measurement to KK for the sash she is making. Becky also texted me and found some shoe options for herself so I think she is going to send me some pictures.

PS... I just realized I need to give Jon credit for his wedding progress as well. He got in touch with all of his boys today and even talked with Men's Warehouse. He's also been in touch with Bill Dysinger regularly over the past few days and really staying on them about having our rings done when they said they would...which would be this Friday!

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