Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 60 Days To Go!

Off for the Holiday: Valerie-Rita Day
There was no time for wedding planning today, besides, you're supposed to take off for holidays, right? August 9 is mine and Valerie's most important holiday (yes, we have more than one self-instated holidays). Since the summer we met in 2003 we have never not seen each other on August 9. The first 2 years were by chance and the third year was luck (we had scheduled to work in Virginia Beach together prior to thinking about the date). Since then it has been planned and sometimes nearly forced. (For example, the year Kelli and Brandon got married in Richmond and I was in the wedding. There was no chance until I ended up going back to Holly's in Lexington to stay that night and we opted to hit the bars so I called Valerie and she met us out!) It gets harder as we get older but we nearly forgot this year. Mainly because time is moving so fast! It would have been tragic if in a week or two we realized we'd not even thought about it. It was a great evening of chit-chat. Crazy yet amazing where our lives are... discussing new life with a baby for her and my soon-to-be married life!

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