Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 58 Days to Go!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
...Almost! Minus a couple of missing addresses, Mom and I have all of the envelopes addressed and stuffed! We are lucky to have some spares to replace the screw ups (on my part... and a few we can blame on Dani, right?) I'm really, really nervous about the church. We cannot fit all of these people. I don't even know how they'd fit standing! Mom says it will be fine but I feel it's kind of inconsiderate to invite so many people knowing they'll never fit in the church, but I guess they forgive you because it's your wedding? Plus it's my church from growing up and now mine and Jon's church.

Mom should be able to stamp them and get them out this weekend.

One step closer...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it'll be fine, it's totally expected for you to be stressed before hand but make sure you enjoy your special day and let your mum sort if if people really don't fit! :)

I'm kinda new to blogging but please check out if you have a sec