Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 48 Days to Go!

Breath of Fresh Air
The most amazing thing about today was that Jon and I looked at the calendar from now until the wedding and saw that minus our bachelor/bachelorette parties... we have free schedules! Next weekend...NOTHING! Labor Day weekend...NOTHING! I guess it is a definite sign of growing up when nothing-ness gets you EXCITED.

We didn't get home as early as I would have hoped but that was more because of me dragging my feet this morning than Jon. Mom and I were going to can but we put that project on hold and instead reviewed wedding notes on her list. She's still feeling stressed about loose ends and sometimes I think she just needs to talk them through in order to feel organized about it. She's now leaning towards paying a local friend to simply escort cars out to Hwy. 127 from the reception to help them from getting lost, rather than hiring a shuttle service. Since the church and reception are so far from the hotels it would be tough to predict how many people would take advantage of the service and make it work logistically. I think the new idea makes more sense. Plus, after this weekend, it sounds as though many of our younger friends will be camping.

Jon was a sweetie and fixed dinner for my birthday which was yesterday. We enjoyed the meal and a movie (A Knights Tale...Heath Ledger also for my birthday). What a wonderful man I'll get to soon call my husband!

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