Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 45 Days to Go!

Presents at the door step!
Headed home tonight and several packages had come in the mail during my days away. The shower gift Anne-Tyler had shipped was there--two GREAT baking pans! Plus the china place setting (From Bed, Bath & Beyond) that Jon's Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Scott had gotten us arrived. It is so beautiful and maybe a bit fancy for what you'd expect from Jon and I but I love the blue and silver and I think Jon likes it too--He says he does at least. :) My cupcake papers also came in but they messed up the order slightly. I had more than enough green polkadot papers but was short on the purples by 150!! Luckily the lady at Baker's Confection (the business I ordered from on was quick to respond and is sending the rest of my order. I'm just glad I counted!

I cannot express to you how excited Jon and I are to have an ENTIRE weekend to stay home! We haven't had this in weeks and weeks. Who ever knew staying home could be so exciting!

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