Monday, August 8, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 61 Days to Go!

Little Purple Dresses: The Flower Girl
I love that Aunt Janet gets excited about these kinds of things! I talked with her at the reunion this weekend about Julianna's flower girl dress. I told her I didn't want to necessarily do the standard white flower girl dress. I feel like, as a little girl, having something purple would be much more fun! I told her I'd research and bring her a few ideas at Sunday's shower. Today, though, she sent me about 4 emails after doing her own research. At first she didn't remember what the material in the other dresses was (chiffon) but after I reminded her she found a VERY cute one. I really, really like it and I'm pretty sure she does as well. My ONLY hesitation is that it is a dark purple--which I'm fine with; I just don't want it to clash in any way with the other "lapis" purple dresses of Rachel and Valerie. However, the only purple I could really go with that wouldn't possibly clash with one of the other colors would be a lilac purple, which I'd been steering clear of due to it being very "springy". In the end, though, the flowing purple one seems great for fall and is just adorable so I'll probably go with it (top left image). The one below it is nearly identical. The bottom right has some shiny satin material up top which throws it off a bit.

Aah... decision, decisions!
TWO MONTHS exactly!

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