Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 49 Days to Go!

Sara & Adam Forever and Always!
Today was the day!!! Sara has become a GRESS! Yes, my 26th birthday will always be a memorable one as it was Sara and Adam's wedding day. It was full of friends, fun and love! The boys all looked so handsome. The ceremony was beautiful--the clouds came out for the ceremony so it made it a little cooler, which was very nice. Sara was like a princess. Gress looked like the happiest boy alive. The reception was elegant and amazing. The fun was priceless! There is nothing like celebrating such a joyous occasion with your closest friends. It is one thing to party all of the time when you are young and in college, but something all together different when you are older and have become adults and have a reason to truly celebrate.

The ceremony was outdoors under a giant tree--so perfect for the two of them. There was a cocktail hour inside while they finished pictures where we began to take advantage of the open bar and the tasty foods. The meal was delicious and Little Ben's band played the reception. Big Ben helped with their DJing and emcee duties, which gave me all the more confidence about how wonderful he'll be for mine and Jon's. The reception even ended with Backstreet Boys even though technically it was supposed to already be done. The celebration continued back at the hotel and into the night.

Oh and how could I forget, the garder came flying RIGHT at Jon! Which only meant I HAD to catch the bouquet. Plus, I have never caught one and this was my last chance...and we have done so much wedding planning with those two it was only right. What a wonderful night!

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