Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 44 Days to Go!

Too much light? Not enough light?
My eyes are
wacked! They hurt on the drive home last night (as they have been burning during my drives more and more) but they were burning so badly during the night that it woke me up and I couldn't even sleep! This actually began in April when one eye or the other would randomly be very bloodshot--but not hurt. That continued for awhile and would come and go but never physically hurt. Then about a month ago when I'd drive to work in the early mornings my eyes would burn terribly and it was hard to even keep them open. I attributed it to allergies or these new brand contacts and would just wear my (not up to date and slightly blurry) glasses. But it seems even when I wear my glasses they hurt AND the fact they were burning at night proved it was something far worse. I could barely keep my eyes open when I woke up this morning. Anything remotely bright hurt them that much more than they already did. I tried to get started on some work (knowing there was no way I could go a full day) but I called the optometrist and the receptionist said to come in as soon as possible because the mornings were less busy. Todd was very cool about work and immediately took off my plate the priority things that had to get done and told me to get to the doctor. Problem is... it's not so safe to drive when you can't keep your eyes open! Thank goodness Jon was able to leave work and come get me. It only took Dr. Ward a minute or two to look at my eyes and diagnose me with a bacteria infection, write a prescription and tell me I was curable! I was mainly glad he said there WAS something wrong. If he'd told me he couldn't see anything wrong but allergies I would've died.... I feel helpless without my eyeballs!

So we went to Kroger to get my eye drops. While they filled the prescription we stopped in at Tractor Supply where I decided to price Tiki Torches and in turn found ground lanterns on sale! On sale for only $5, (regularly $15), a box of six approx. 10-in tall solar lanterns that you stick into the ground. They don't create full illumination but they will be perfect for near the pathways and bridges and bathrooms. And for $5 you can't beat it, right? Lights may be hurting my eyes today but extra light that night will be good.

I have to wear my glasses and use these drops for the next 10 days. He said I should start feeling better within 24-48 hours...hopefully it's 24. I'm just glad I finally got something done about it rather than having red, watery, burning eyes on the wedding day!

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