Monday, August 15, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 54 Days to Go!

And the Invites are OUT!
I started getting texts and messages online today as people were seeing pretty purple envelopes arrive in their mailboxes!! I guess that makes it extra official, huh? We've not invited nearly 350 people and told them a date, time and place...better not back out now, huh? :-)

I had to spend my evening then making sure the online RSVP was all up to date! I hope it all works right and I hope, hope, hope we didn't somehow forget someone! I'm excited to begin seeing the RSVP cards arrive and numbers update on the web. Let's see just how many people we SHOULD expect to fit in the teeny-tiny church!

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Rachmo said...

Sorry I missed your wedding shower. You know if I could have been there I would have!! I love your always! I miss you so much Rita...please just know that. And I think of you often and will continue to follow your blog.