Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 62 Days to Go!

Invitations: Almost there!
It was a major invitation day! I knew it would take some time but I didn't think of it taking almost a whole day. (Then again, after a late return from Ohio last night, we slept in pretty darn late and lazed around before getting going on much of anything today.)

So the invitations consisted of first lining up and making sure all of the Invites, RSVPs and inserts printed out right. Then we printed the invites... Then Mom printed the RSVPs while I stamped the RSVP envelopes. I tried to do the paper cutting of the giant 12x12 green sheets we had to cut into 6 4x6 sheets for the directions and hotel info. Yeah, I've never been so hot with a paper cutter. So I did that for like...two cards and got fired and Mom took over while I started to stamp the return address labels. Next Mom printed out the green sheets and then Jon came in and helped out with the paper cutting.

We took a dinner break and then came back later with the intention to stuff them all...but we didn't get quite through. Turns out we hadn't realized that the little ribbons that tie around the whole dealy are not even tied that was a bit of a slow down. So Jon and I put together everything else with each envelope while Mom tied the bows. We stopped on about a third of them at about 10. She's going to continue with the bows the next few nights and hopefully we can finish them up at the end of the week so she'll be happy and be true to her word and have them out the second week of August!

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