Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 42 Days to Go!

Building Bridges
Jon gets most of the credit for wedding progress today. He, Pa and Uncle Fron did quite a bit of "heavy lifting" to help us get one step closer to having our Knob End reception. What we've always called a "bridge" that passes back into Knob End Meadow is not quite a bridge anymore. There used to be a small pipe that ran under the ground for the small creek but it has since become buried and filled with gravel so water just runs over it when we have heavy down pours, rather than under it. While we may not be having guests drive over that bridge, the caterers and tent people will probably need/want to in order to set up. Luckily, thanks to Grandybo's "scrounge" mentality, there were some giant concrete tiles in the old Hay Barn. So with the help of Fron's Back-Ho skills they laid the tiles and tomorrow they'll bring over gravel to even it out with the lay of the land so it's passable. I'd like to stone either side of it but we'll see what's possible before October 8!

Rachel and I canned tomatoes, which has nothing to do with the wedding prep, but it did lead to Mom and I making salsa. Then when Mom and I were chatting about having some pre-dinner snacks out, we thought maybe we could make enough salsa to set it out with chips. (Heaven knows we have enough tomatoes!! ...We'll see if we have enough time.) Mom also got out these pretty (and tasty) raspberry yogurt covered pretzels. She picked them up at the Peddler's Mall yesterday and thought they might make a nice snack (and very fitting with their pretty purple color!)

My new camcorder came in and Seth was home so he could go into the church and check out what we have/need in order to set up a closed-circuit broadcast of the ceremony downstairs. I'm excited about the new camera. I'll definitely have to buy a memory card for it, as expected. It's zoom quality is less than ideal, but for $100 I'll get enough out of it! Also, Mom had the bags embroidered for my bridesmaids! (And if you are a bridesmaid reading this...sorry, it's ruined, but good for you for reading my blog!)

Long, tiring day...yet productive! That's how it works when we stay home!

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