Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 66 Days to Go!

It was "driving day" (ie, I drove 2 hours home from Louisville after work) so there wasn't a lot of wedding time. I did give Rachel a call and ask her to follow up on the silver shoes she found at Marshalls that she showed me pictures of on her phone last weekend. Very cute in several styles ranging between $15 and $22. I'm going to let the girls know about them and find out who would like a pair so we can get that scratched off the list.
Jon did some more mowing of our field tonight. Pa had used the finishing mower on the main space in Knob End where the reception will be held. It's starting to come through with pretty nice grass and less woody stumps. Jon took care of mowing some of the lower part of the field where we plan to set up corn hole and yard golf.

Rather than doing any fun wedding stuff on my computer tonight, Jon and I researched auto insurance quotes for this '96 Ranger we're probably getting within the week. Hmm...yes finding ways to save money on wedding planning is much more fun than HAVING to find ways to save money on auto insurance...

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