Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 59 Days to Go!

Possession of the Dress!
It's ready! The alterations on my dress were complete, so I went by and tried it on (fits perfectly) and had Jo come with me so she learn the tricks of bustling it and I brought it on home! So it will hang at Greystone until the big day at this point! The longer I have it and the more I see it the more excited I am to wear it and the more I'm sure I picked just the right dress!

I checked in on the girls' dresses while I was there and had to do some prodding to remind them to get on ordering the dresses! I thought Valerie was the only one left, due to the adjusting post-pregnancy size, but no. Kelli and Holly are the only ones who have dresses so far!

I also stopped by Plato's Closet (looking for some shoes) but instead spent $20 and got 4 dresses I can wear for showers and the honeymoon. Love, love, love good deals!

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