Monday, August 29, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 40 Days to Go!

Kudos to's customer service!
We're up to 87 RSVPs (not counting any Mom got in the mail today) and only 12 of those are No's....Deutsch better get that closed-circuit thing worked out is all I've got to say!

I have to give props to's customer service. Being that I somewhat work in customer service, I shouldn't continue to be so skeptical. However, so many places that you contact for help either:
(a) put you through loop after loop of automated selections that never really lead you to your answers and there is no way to get to an actual human
(b) the person who answers doesn't really seem to care what your question is and doesn't even seem to know much about the business or product your inquiring about but has a canned set of responses they spat back.

This was not my experience with I called and yes I did have the automated service and selection options, and was then put on hold; however, one of the immediate hold options was to request a call back when someone was available rather than being stuck on the phone waiting. Still being skeptical I stayed on the phone, thinking I'd never get a call back. However, after about 5 or 10 minutes I'd lost my patience and didn't want to listen to their music and messages anymore so I punched in the numbers to request a call back. It wasn't 5 minutes when my phone rang. The lady I spoke with was extremely nice and it was like working with a human so all I could imagine was one of us at Try It Local on the other end of the phone with one of our customers and what they imagine with us. She answered my questions and took some extra notes about our stay and put them into the reservation for the hotel--including the fact we are coming on a honeymoon so we get the free honeymoon package! Woo woo! I feel much better, not only to have spoken with someone, but feeling that if I have other questions or concerns, someone will be able to hear them and help me out.

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