Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 63 Days to Go!

My First Wedding Shower!
Rachel took on organizing my first shower,but it we quickly learned it should have never been titled a shower since she expected men to come as well. The point of it was to give any of the Rousculp/King/Gill side of the family the chance to congratulate the two of us especially considering many of them might not make it to the wedding. Jon was a real sport about it when he heard it was a "couples shower" but it wasn't even a really big to-do anyway. Debra did a beautiful job of opening up their house to host (since the actual family reunion was up the street at Uncle David's). There were a few snacks and drinks. She even made me one of the fun, cool towel cake displays as her gift. Rachel put a fun game together for us. She knows I am not a big fan of shower games, but this e played the newlywed game but all married couples plus us got to play. Seth was our game show host, and as Deutsch tends to do, he played it up and did well. The best question for us had to be "Your significant other hires a beautiful blond secretary. What do you do?" We, the ladies, had to write out an answer and then the men had to say what they though our answer was. I'm not sure if anyone else got that one right but we sure did! Thanks to my silly dream I had about 2 months into our relationship when a waitress licked on his fingers and I poked her eyes out for it! So When Jon answered, "She'd tell me 'No finger sucking.'" Everyone looked at him funny until I turned over my paper which read, "I'd tell him not to let her lick his fingers." That just lead to lots of laughter and the need to explain. It was a fun first shower and a great chance to get some hugs of congratulations and laughs with family I don't see enough.

I saw KK at the Seitz reunion (Also going on today in Ohio.) She's going to make some trial flowers this week to bring to the Louisville shower next week to decide if she can make the sashes for her and Michelle. I also saw Janet and Julianna there, so I talked with Aunt Janet about what type of dress I'd like Julianna to wear. I'm going to bring her some ideas also to the shower next weekend.

Jon and I did some reading during our car rides in order to move closer to choosing our readings. Usually readings just lead to discussions on God, love and life and how they all fit together. I could find deep meaning in so many or most of the readings. I would love to have one that, for anyone who is listening that day, they really hear what we are all about.

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