Friday, August 26, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 43 Days to Go!

Love is Passion...Obsession...Something You Can't Live Without
First and foremost: eyes are much better today.

Rachel came down this evening to stay the night. Jon and I dug potatoes after work and then headed home to fix chicken. Mom called while we were doing so and said that they were going to put Meet Joe Black on. Turns out it was Pa's idea.

Interesting that such a story touched me at age 14. I think I could quote that entire movie, but it's just the nuggets of ideas throughout the entire thing that got seeded in me. It is a great love story but it's also a great story about the priceless-ness of life in general and being a genuine, honorable person, like Anthony Hopkin's William Parish. The whole thing is about love and how it is what makes us human and makes life worth living.

And it's not just the love story about finding that one where lightening will strike, but the passion Bill has for his company and it's purpose, passion for his family and for his daughter. And that is why, even when very, very few understand it, I'll dance with my Pa to the instrumental version of "What a Wonderful World" from the Meet Joe Black soundtrack, because that is what William Parish and his daughter, Susan (Claire Forlani) dance to. Every time I hear the song I get teared up so who knows what will happen that day. But I do love my Pa and it has been through his love for me, his love for mom and his love for our family that I have learned what great love is and sought to find it for myself. Fortunately, I found Jon to not only love...but to be that person whom I could love like crazy and does love me the same way back.

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